About Impact Reporting

Capturing and reporting the diverse range of social and environmental impact activity in organisations

We created Impact as a way for organisations to monitor their corporate social responsibility performance just as easily as their financial performance. It’s quicker and more engaging; increasing the amount of activity and removing administrative burden from managers, and improving employee engagement.


The ChallengeThe Result

Organisations are recording and reporting their social impact in a centralised, manual way using standard office software, making reporting inconsistent, costly and time consuming.
As a result, data collection is the biggest cost and barrier to effective impact reporting.
We created Impact: an easy-to-use online platform that lets you collect, convert and report on the social value of an organisation in real time. Impact engages employees through leaderboards, automates the conversion of metrics into measurable social value and lets you report this in real time.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Problem

Organisations are increasingly expected to be more socially responsible and more transparent.

CSR DashboardThere are also business benefits to being socially responsible. 56% of consumers say they would pay more for products that meet higher ethical standards and 88% of people would rather work for a company considered socially responsible.

However, reporting a company’s social impact is a tough job. Many companies ask their employees at the end of each reporting year “what have we done this year that was good for society?” and “what was our social and environmental impact?”

Gathering this information across the organisation often involves sifting through spreadsheets and emails, leading to missing data, uninspiring reports, and, ultimately, prevents the systemic change needed to create real, positive impact.

Corporate responsibility can also be expensive: it can cost a medium or large enterprise upwards of £530,000 to report its impact.

By improving the effectiveness of its social impact reporting, a company can help its employees and volunteers understand how much social change is happening as a result of their activities and motivates them to do more.

Better – and more up-to-date – data can also be used to inform further, even more effective, social impact activities and strategies.

Corporations that are actively managing and planning for climate change secure an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that aren’t – and 67% higher than companies who refuse to disclose their emissions,

The Guardian

What is Impact?

  • Impact makes it easy to log all your organisation’s social value data and evidence in one place.
  • Impact transforms activity into social value and environmental impact information.
  • It saves you time on collation, communication and reporting
  • It gamifies social responsibility by using features like teams, goals and leaderboards to increase participation
  • It allows companies to capture data all year round, in real time and on any device.
  • Companies can build a report with numbers, pictures and stories, analysing their social impact as they go. All activities, evidence and outcomes are available to view at any time in the visual Impact dashboard.

What we did

measuring CSRAs a digital agency that cares about making a positive social impact, we thought that a period of internal testing of the platform would be a great way to help identify issues in the key user journeys. Once we rolled out Impact in the Reason Digital office, and staff had set up accounts, we realised that the effort to log the CO2 benefits of cycling to and from work were laborious, and could result in a drop off in user engagement. This helped illustrate the Internet of Things potential of Impact; wouldn’t it be easier if the platform automatically imported cycling data from our staffs’ phones and logged it on their behalf?

Our team expanded upon this idea, and considered the numerous other integrations that we could apply to Impact. We redeveloped Impact so it could interface directly with other systems, websites or devices to automatically log activities that create a positive social impact, such solar panels, smart meters, impactful web pages, or bikes!

Impact is an online, cloud-based solution that works across all devices with an open API. This allows us to plug anything into it for more automated tracking – taking the onus off the user to input. If we know people are already logging something elsewhere (donations made on a website, for example) then why replicate this data if we can just plug in? Impact uncovers and celebrates the social and environmental good that you and your team do, in real time.