Level 2: What’s included?

Our ‘Core’ package will take you through a three-stage journey of social value measurement designed to fine-tune your strategy and practices.

workshop series typically takes three days split across several weeks to more easily slot into your stakeholders’ schedules. It

  • Social value gap analysis: We begin with a thorough assessment of your existing impact efforts to identify areas ripe for improvement. We’ll uncover gaps, propose actionable improvements, and map a clear path forward using our Impact Reporting software.
  • Impact framework workshop: Building on the gap analysis, you’ll dive into a hands-on half-day ‘Impact Measurement Framework Workshop,’ providing a collaborative space to build a bespoke measurement map for your business. You’ll delve into the specifics of data collection—exploring the who, what, when, and how—to ensure a comprehensive strategy that’s aligned with your objectives and your best-suited impact measurement framework (s).
  • Research, support, and next steps: Based on the insights gained from the initial sessions, our consultants will provide you with targeted recommendations to advance your practice. This will include a focus on vital areas for improvement, such as refining your valuation approach or sharpening your strategic direction, and ensuring alignment with the most relevant regional, national, and international frameworks.