Level 3: What’s included?

Our ‘Value’ package will guide your business through three stages designed to fine-tune your organisation’s approach to valuations and social value effectively. This includes:

  • Social value gap analysis: First, we start with an in-depth review of your current social value practice and valuation documentation to diagnose opportunities for refinement and alignment with best practices.
  • Valuation workshop: Then, we have a half-day collaborative workshop focusing on developing clear impact pathways for your organisation’s critical activities, creating a valuation methodology that resonates with your organisation.
  • Valuation research and support: Lastly, we concentrate on critical areas identified during the gap analysis and workshop, conducting targeted research to formulate a valuation approach tailored to your needs. This bespoke strategy is integrated into your impact measurement framework, enabling precise and meaningful valuation with our reporting tool.
  • Output: A set of up to ten custom valuations, pinpointing the most impactful aspects of your work, ensuring focused efforts on areas that matter most.