Level 4: What’s included?

Bespoke consultancy

Our ‘Professional’ level service is fluid to suit your needs. We serve as an extension of your staff and help you deliver above and beyond. For instance, if you need more bespoke support around valuations or metrics, we can help research and develop that alongside your stakeholders.

Tailored package

Whether you need tailored valuation framework development, stakeholder engagement, surveys, educational webinars, training seminars, or anything else, we’re here to support you.

The best setup is to use the core aspects of the other support packages and build on top of them.

Customised to your needs

We recommend starting with a social value gap analysis, evaluating your existing procedures and pinpointing areas for improvement. Then, we’ll co-develop an impact measurement framework via interactive workshops and reinforce it with a more tailored ”Research, Support and Next Steps” that covers a comprehensive, end-to-end social value measurement plan.

Additional support

Once this is in place, you can choose the direction you’d like to take. Our additional support can include anything from tailored webinars to joining board-level meetings, engaging with stakeholders, delivering training seminars and surveys, or anything else you need to strengthen your overall impact and instill best practices within your organisation.