Work-related hazards

Work-related hazards (sources or situations with the potential to cause injury or ill health) can be:
physical (e.g., radiation, temperature extremes, constant loud noise, spills on floors or tripping hazards, unguarded machinery, faulty electrical equipment);

ergonomic (e.g., improperly adjusted workstations and chairs, awkward movements, vibration);

chemical (e.g., exposure to solvents, carbon monoxide, flammable materials, or pesticides);

biological (e.g., exposure to blood and bodily fluids, fungi, bacteria, viruses, or insect bites);

psychosocial (e.g., verbal abuse, harassment, bullying); related to work-organisation (e.g., excessive workload demands, shift work, long hours, night work, workplace violence).

Source: ESRS S1 Own workforce