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What is CSR?

CSR is corporate social responsibility. Organisations are increasingly expected to be more socially responsible and more transparent.

There are also business benefits to being socially responsible. 56% of consumers say they would pay more for products that meet higher ethical standards and 88% of people would rather work for a company considered socially responsible.

However, reporting a company’s social impact is a tough job. Many companies ask their employees at the end of each reporting year “what have we done this year that was good for society?” and “what was our social and environmental impact?”

Gathering this information across the organisation often involves sifting through spreadsheets and emails, leading to missing data, uninspiring reports, and, ultimately, prevents the systemic change needed to create real, positive impact.

Corporate responsibility can also be expensive: it can cost a medium or large enterprise upwards of £530,000 to report its impact.

By improving the effectiveness of its social impact reporting, a company can help its employees and volunteers understand how much social change is happening as a result of their activities and motivates them to do more.

Better – and more up-to-date – data can also be used to inform further, even more effective, social impact activities and strategies.

What is Impact?

  • Impact makes it easy to log all your organisation’s social value data and evidence in one place.
  • Impact transforms activity into social and environmental impact information.
  • It saves you time on collation, communication and reporting
  • It gamifies social responsibility by using features like teams, goals and leaderboards to increase participation
  • It allows companies to capture data all year round, in real time and on any device.
  • Companies can build a report with numbers, pictures and stories, analysing their social impact as they go. All activities, evidence and outcomes are available to view at any time in the visual Impact dashboard.
  • Impact is a product developed by Reason Digital – a social enterprise.

Who are Reason Digital?

Impact was developed by Reason Digital – a social enterprise based in Manchester. Reason Digtial only work with organisation with a pro-social agenda. Reason Digital has used its digital expertise to tackle big social issues since 2008. Charities, social enterprises and companies work with RD on digital projects that fight issues such as violent crime, drug and alcohol addiction, the food poverty crisis, and diseases that define our times – HIV/AIDS, dementia and diabetes.

Where it is hosted?

Impact Technical Summary

Data Storage

Impact is a web application, that most users will interact with via their web browser.

Impact has been built with security in mind from the ground up, bearing in mind security best practices including OWASP recommendations. Impact has been through a recent Pen Test (performed by sec-1), which it passed. Impact is safe from and has been tested against all common web based attacks, such as SQL injection attacks, XSS attacks, clickjacking attacks etc.

Impact is hosted in AWS, in the Ireland region, running in a VPC private network.

All of data submitted into Impact is stored in an Amazon RDS MySQL instance. This MySQL database is located in a private network in AWS and not exposed to the outside internet – only the Impact web servers can connect to the database.

The Impact webservers are also located in a private network and not public facing – they can only be connected to from our AWS Loadbalancer over and our office via SSH (using keys, not passwords).

Impact enforces HTTPS access, so all data sent to and from Impact is encrypted. HTTPS termination is handled via an AWS load balancer, which has been configured and it kept up to date by AWS following industry best practices. Impact’s SSL set up scores an A in the Qualys SSL Labs test – more details are available here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=app.impactreporting.co.uk.

Impact and Single Sign On

Organisations can choose to integrate Impact with a SAML 2.0 single sign on service for user authentication. Authentication will happen on the organisation’s single sign on/federation server, if a user successfully logs in they will be redirected to Impact. Impact will get all the user information it needs from the SAML response – users’ passwords won’t be stored in Impact.


Impact registration is not open to the public – an organisation has to be invited to join Impact by Reason Digital. Then the organisation administrator can control who within their organisation can get access to Impact via a invitation system. This allows us complete control over who has access to the tool.

No part of the Impact tool can be accessed without a valid login.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us to see talk to us about our latest price plans.

Is it easy to set up?

We walk you through every step of the process and offer personal on-boarding workshops – get in contact to find out more.