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Communicating Your Social Impact in CSR Reporting

Why communicate your social impact Demonstrating a social impact is not a legal obligation for all sectors, at least not in the UK, but that doesn’t mean brands shouldn’t celebrate the good work they do. With...

Posted 31 Jul 2019


5 Ways to Implement the SDGs in Your Organisation

The United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda is one of the world’s most recognised and profound commitments to global sustainable transformation. At its core are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which have become the...

Posted 23 Jul 2019

Places for People invests in Social Value Tech Start Up

Places for People is investing in Impact Reporting to boost its social impact report tool and raise awareness of social value activities. Places for People is backing Impact Reporting, which is already valued at £2m...

Posted 21 Jun 2019


Analysing Social Value Data in Surveys

Online surveys are accessible, easy to get along with, and familiar to most people – regardless of their digital or social value background. More on the pros and cons of using surveys here. They can...

Posted 19 Jun 2019


The Pros and Cons of Using Surveys in CSR Reporting

Online surveys are a quick and scalable way of obtaining data from a defined target group, using a standardised set of questions. Your organisation can adopt this effective way of collecting data to describe and contextualise...

Posted 10 Jun 2019


5 Ways to Improve Your CSR Reports

The Importance of CSR reports If done correctly, CSR reports are an effective way to showcase the social impact you create as an organisation. In classic ‘business case’ terms, the purpose of a CSR report...

Posted 28 May 2019


Capturing and Analysing Qualitative Social Value Data

Why you should capture qualitative social value data Open-ended surveys, interviews, and observations are tested ways of qualitatively understanding your social value. Each of these can be supplemented with media to provide additional context and...

Posted 13 May 2019

qualitative data

The Importance of Qualitative Social Value Data

Numbers only tell half the story Whilst there is undoubted value in capturing and reporting on the quantitative outputs of your socially impactful work, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make in its...

Posted 30 Apr 2019


CSR and Sustainability Awards to Apply for in 2019

Awards – not just a nice to have. Applying for, and ultimately winning awards, is a great way to get a sense of gratification whilst improving the credibility and success of your organisation’s endeavours. But,...

Posted 05 Apr 2019