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Housing Providers: Beyond Value for Money Statements

The socially positive ethos that inspired housing associations in the 70s still applies today. Measuring one’s social impact is essential in countering the negative narratives cited by the press by providing housing associations with the...

Posted 25 Oct 2018

Social Value Frameworks – Choosing the right one

When choosing how to measure your social impact it’s important to find a framework which reflects your organisation, its goals and its values. There is no perfect solution and whichever approach is adopted each has...

Posted 10 Jul 2018

Beyond the annual CSR report

Author: Matt Haworth Co-Founder of Reason Digital & Impact Reporting As social impact and social value become even bigger drivers for which companies are commissioned, who people buy from, and where talent wants to work,...

Posted 05 Jul 2018

The Role of Digital in Sustainability

This article originally appeared on the Legal Sustainability Alliance blog The benefits of organisations being environmentally-minded and pro-social are increasingly well understood and publicised: job satisfaction improves, retention rate increases, consumers favour ethical brands, company value...

Posted 03 Apr 2018