SDG Reporting – UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Position your impact against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Benchmark your organisation’s inputs and outcomes against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and aggregate reports against specific SDG targets & indicators.



Why you should report against the SDGs

Widespread UsageComprehensive & HolisticTried & Tested
Organisations are increasingly adopting the UN’s SDGs as their preferred taxonomy for social and environmental impact measurement – so adopting this would be the path of least resistance for many stakeholders.The metrics used in the SDGs have been developed with global sustainability in mind, taking into account a broad range of sustainability issues – if there is a sustainability consideration, it should be reflected in the Goals or Targets described by the SDGs.The SDGs have been tested in a range of situations, and – by selecting the appropriate metrics – is applicable to all examples of social or environmental impact.

SDG-exampleSucceed with the SDGS

Powered by the Impact tool, The University of Manchester created ‘10,000 Actions’ – the largest Sustainability Initiative in Higher Education. This award-winning project contributed to the University placing 3rd in the Times: ‘Top Universities in the World for Global Impact.’

Read more about the project here: 10,000 Actions – The University of Manchester


Making the SDGs part of your reporting Story

Using the Impact Reporting tool, it is easy to align your impact against the UN SDGs. By simply tagging activities with relevant SDG Goals, you can quickly filter data to clearly show your organisation’s contribution to specific targets & indicators.

Infographic: Aligning your impact against the SDGs


A clear and accessible visual dashboard

The SDGs offer an opportunity for organisations to report their impact against a universal framework.

Impact makes it easy to match activities with relevant SDGs by presenting the goals in a clear visual format so that your impact is up-to-date and aligned with prioritised goals.

SDG reporting