The tool that helps you track, record, and report your social impact.

Become more efficient, engage your employees, and create real-time reports that prove the impact that you have, and the good that you create.

Measuring social value just got easier.

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Take the headache out of reporting your company's social impact. Capture data all year round in real time on any device and integrate Impact to your existing smart technologies. No more last minute scrambling for spreadsheets and searching through old e-mails.


Automatically analyse and convert your outcomes to identify the impact of your work. Turn simple inputs like cycling to work into meaningful outputs like 'tonnes of CO2 offset' without complex maths.

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Never miss an individual activity or company intitiative again, engage with leaderboards, notifications and pledges. Generate content for your communication channels simply and easily.

Report & Communicate

All the up to date numbers and evidence for your Impact report are at the click of a button. Use real time reports for your internal communications such as staff news letters as well as external communications such as social media.

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Who are we?

We've worked with Corporate Social Responsibility programmes for large organisations such as Virgin Media, BBC and The University of Manchester and have developed digital products to help organisations reach more people and make efficiencies in order to magnify their impact on the world.