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See social impact differently with the only reporting platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to make an impact your way.

Make a measurable difference

Show the real change you’re making by turning your social, economic, and environmental contributions into tangible stories of impact.

Why choose Impact?

Your impact, your way

With Impact, you can…

Connect all the dots

Bring all your data into one place, so you can see the full story of your impact.

Embrace framework flexibility

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to impact reporting. Our system is compatible with any framework.

Access without limits

Employees, clients, suppliers — anyone can use your Impact Reporting platform at any time.

Outcomes vs. outputs

Other platforms focus on narrow outputs and proxy values. We challenge you to look at social value holistically.

See social impact differently

Impact Reporting is the only platform that values meaning over metrics.

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Product features

Activities, surveys, outcomes, social value bids — all in one platform

  • Automated calculations

    Quantify your initiatives in real time with precise calculations using your preferred measurement.

  • Advanced surveys

    Create surveys in minutes and collect real-time data at any scale. Build stakeholder trust with standardised data collection.

  • Data visualisation

    Visualise your impact data with engaging charts and graphs, track change over time, and explore detailed insights.

  • Open API

    Never make a blind decision again. Capture, manage, and export social value data effortlessly with our open API.

  • Custom insights

    Access information instantly. Compare and analyse social value activities with custom classifications and filters.

  • Answer everything

    No more chasing stakeholders or partners when everyone can input their own contributions.

Be a true force for good

Our platform helps you…


Create social value reports

  • Centralise all social value data
  • Report across any framework
  • Survey beneficiaries
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Measure sustainable impact

  • Transform data into a forecasting powerhouse
  • Reliable stakeholder assurance
  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting
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Win more social value bids

  • Become the top choice for public contracts
  • Measure social and environmental initiatives holistically
  • Create standout bids, faster
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Streamline social value tenders

  • Simplify supplier selection and tendering
  • Comply with frameworks and standards
  • Deliver taxpayer value
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Maximise impact investments

  • Automate data collection and analysis
  • Compare investment impact
  • Pinpoint portfolio strengths and weaknesses
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Impact leaders deserve smart tools

Are you sitting on a mountain of social value data, but can’t get answers quickly? And those proxy values? They often miss the bigger picture of your true impact.

What about all the new company initiatives that don’t fit tidily into a specific use case or framework? Massive spreadsheets just won’t cut it.

Impact reporting is purpose-built for impact leaders like you.

Hear from our happy customers

For the changemakers and risk-takers 

Impact is the ideal platform for…

Your impact, personalised

Our packages start at £625/month +VAT.


Best if you’re starting on your impact journey and want to streamline operations.

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Our most popular option, providing ESG, social value and survey reporting in one system.

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Our more bespoke enterprise option provides the ultimate flexibility.

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Trusted by forward thinkers like you

Right from the start, we were keen to work with Impact. As a pro-social organisation, the team really do understand the importance of making initiatives successful and meaningful and have worked closely with us to ensure that Impact is tailored to our aims.

Ty Jones
CSR and Engagement Manager

Impact has been a real game changer for us as users and our business a whole, being able to track social value progress as a group, by project or region. We can capture social, environmental and procurement data easily and convert this into monetary value as well as track against business and project goals.

Louise Logan
Strategic Social Value Manager

“It was costly and hugely resource-intensive working with manual processes, so having a single tool that lets us collect, analyse and report on our social impact across all business areas is priceless“

Jamie Dickinson
Head of Social

Hill uses Impact to provide a methodical and reliable way of capturing and evaluating a range of ESG indicators at scale, across multiple projects, locations and business units. Despite being in the early stages of using the Impact platform, our account manager has been an ongoing support, attending our internal rollout meetings to add input, pick up issues and action those, and is always quick to respond & communicative.

Sian Rebourg
Group Social Manager

“Working with Impact has been transformative for MOLA’s Hub initiative. The integration of Impact’s social value reporting platform has empowered us to meticulously track and showcase the unique impacts of archaeology. It has not only elevated our ability to measure the true value of our work but has also provided a dynamic tool to communicate and amplify the positive changes we’re driving in communities. It’s not just about digging into the past; it’s about using technology to build a socially and environmentally conscious future, and Impact has been an invaluable partner in making this vision a reality."

Dr. Kate Faccia
Coordinator of The Hub at MOLA

"Impact Reporting provides us with a central database where everyone can feed into it, and we can easily access the information around the work that we do. Its flexibility allows us as a business to use the system as we need it.

I find the platform very user friendly and it is producing brilliant statistics for our Social Impact reporting within the business. I would rate Impact a 10 in terms of value for money.

Other systems don't offer the same level of flexibility and features, and that's why we choose Impact."

Nicola Laight
Social Impact Reporting Manager

Having researched five of the most popular options, Impact was the one that stood out. Each organisation and project are unique and there is no set of approved reporting metrics to capture everything.
With Impact, I have the greatest flexibility, good customer service and a reliable, user-friendly platform.

The people working Impact are open-minded, inclusive and customer-centred. They are developing new and better services all the time, quick to action any easy fixes and communicate realistic timescales.

Kate Christie
Business Manager

The Impact Reporting Platform has been incredibly time saving for the Business & IP Centre National Network, saving us many hours that would otherwise have been spent manually inputting customer feedback forms onto our old database. The time that we’ve saved has been put to use supporting more customers and improving and adapting our services.

Simon Martin

The team at Impact have worked with us closely to scope requirements and ensure the product met and continues to meet our needs. They’re really friendly, open to ideas and keen to suggest and make improvements to our existing practices wherever possible.

With Impact, our managers can focus on service improvement work with live evaluation data instead of having to rely on spreadsheet-based records and additional paperwork.

Sally Hudson
Business Support Manage

Impact have been instrumental in supporting us to bring our vision and corporate approach outlined within our Social Value Procurement Policy and Strategy into reality, enabling us as a Council to measure social value through our commissioning and procurement activities.

Olivia Hughes
Social Development Officer

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