Leadership team

Ben White, Managing Director

Ben White is the Managing Director at Impact, responsible for realising the vision of an economy and technology-driven world focused on sustainability, stability, fairness, and equity. He oversees the company’s strategy, goals, and organisational structure, empowering the leadership team to work towards these objectives. With a commitment to creating positive social change, Ben ensures that Impact's initiatives align with our mission to build a better future.

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

– Kurt Vonnegut

  • What inspired you to enter this field?

    The potential is what initially drew me in. The idea of leveraging the power of business to look beyond the bottom line and contribute to positive global change was irresistible.

  • What are you responsible for at Impact Reporting?

    I’m tasked with ensuring we realise our vision of a world where our economy and technology are focused on creating a sustainable, stable, fair, and equitable world. To achieve this, I oversee our strategy, goals, and organisational structure, empowering our leadership team to work towards these objectives.

  • Can you share some professional highlights?

    Firstly, I put my hard-earned law degree to good use by venturing into a completely different direction and joining a Community Foundation after university. Secondly, I made a significant career pivot by landing a digital project management role at one of the UK’s largest agencies, spending two years immersed in hands-on learning. Lastly, I led Reason Digital into its next phase of growth, establishing a leadership team and doubling its revenue—all while staying true to its core values.

  • Top 3 loves?

    Thinking; it’s astonishing how much joy this brings me.

    Sports; anything with a team and a ball.

    Family; it’s so much more fun than my friends made it out to be!

  • What gets you up in the morning?

    Normally my youngest child! Then followed by a sense of excitement for the challenges that lie ahead (yes, I’m one of those people who says things like this)

  • My favourite city in the world to visit would be...

    Buenos Aires

  • Outside of work you can find me...

    Ideally, spending time with the many friends I’ve picked up during my career, picking their brains about what they are up to. Realistically, catching up on sleep