Sustainability & ESG measurement

Make an impact now, because the future can’t wait

Bridge the gap between your environmental and social contributions with the only sustainability and ESG reporting platform that values meaning over metrics.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Our platform helps you…

Connect all the dots

With all your data in one place, you can see how your environmental initiatives and your supply chain’s sustainability commitments impact people and the planet. 

Embrace framework flexibility

One size doesn’t fit all in sustainability and ESG reporting.

That’s why we built the most flexible impact reporting tool, compatible with all measurement frameworks, including ISO 14001, The Companies Act, CSRD, SECR, and ISSB.

Access without limits

Employees, clients, suppliers — anyone can use the Impact platform at any time.

No hidden costs, just unlimited access for unlimited users. 

Unite metrics with meaning

Impact is more than outputs and proxy values.

Dive deep into your data and uncover valuable insights so you know what’s working, what’s not, and where to invest.

Your search for transparent sustainability reporting is over

Imagine the possibilities when you can confidently assure stakeholders, investors and the boardroom about the value of your environmental initiatives.

In a world wary of greenwashing, choose transparency over trendiness. Go far beyond basic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to focus on decisions that do the most good.

Why Impact?

See social impact differently

It’s the only way to do business.

Explore how our software captures social impact differently.


Be a force for good

Create life-changing value with your social and environmental data.

  • Automated calculations

    Quantify your initiatives in real time with precise calculations using your preferred measurement.

  • Emissions management

    Connect and categorise inputs, measure costs and consumption, record outputs and gain a clear overview of your emissions.

  • Resource breakdown

    Understand resource usage across your organisation, from fuel and consumables to utilities and supplies.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Track and assess your DEI efforts with metrics on areas such as leadership diversity and employee engagement.

  • Surveys

    Gain insights into how your supply chain is accelerating your sustainability and ESG initiatives with surveys.

  • Open API

    Never make a blind decision again. Capture, manage, and export social value data effortlessly with our open API.

  • Custom insights 

    Access information instantly. Compare and analyse social value activities with custom classifications and filters.

  • Assurance and security

    Be confident that your data will pass even the most rigorous standards around sustainability reporting.

Connect your data. Analyse your actions. Do real good.

Step 1: Capture

From gender pay disparity to carbon footprint reporting, our platform captures all your environmental, social and governance data.

Step 2: Analyse

Map the connection between your sustainability and ESG activities and their impact to see what real ‘good’ looks like for your business

Step 3: Survey

Dive deep into your data to see how your actions create true change for beneficiaries, beyond just numbers and values.

Step 4: Report

Report your impact, your way. Choose which compliance requirements, metrics and frameworks resonate with you, so you can measure what matters most.

Trusted by purpose-driven organisations like yours

Right from the start, we were keen to work with Impact. As a pro-social organisation, the team really do understand the importance of making initiatives successful and meaningful and have worked closely with us to ensure that Impact is tailored to our aims.

Ty Jones
CSR and Engagement Manager

“It was costly and hugely resource-intensive working with manual processes, so having a single tool that lets us collect, analyse and report on our social impact across all business areas is priceless“

Jamie Dickinson
Head of Social

The team at Impact have worked with us closely to scope requirements and ensure the product met and continues to meet our needs. They’re really friendly, open to ideas and keen to suggest and make improvements to our existing practices wherever possible.

With Impact, our managers can focus on service improvement work with live evaluation data instead of having to rely on spreadsheet-based records and additional paperwork.

Sally Hudson
Business Support Manage

Our experience with Impact has been incredibly positive. The team are always helpful, and quick to respond to any questions or queries we might have. The process of setting up the digital feedback form, creating individual Library accounts and uploading the large amount of customer feedback contained within our previous database was managed very smoothly.

Simon Martin

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  2. During the call, you can share your impact goals and current challenges.
  3. Our consultant will provide an overview of Impact so you can better understand if it's the right fit for your business.
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