Social value reporting software

The only social value platform that values meaning over metrics

Your social value efforts, the lives you touch, and the data you gather are just the beginning. It's time to elevate your social value impact beyond just numbers.

Your data tells you ‘what’, Impact tells you ‘why’

With Impact, you can…

Connect all the dots

Whether you’re tracking community engagement or assessing economic contributions, bring all your data (including surveys, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.) together in one place to see your impact from end to end. 

Embrace framework flexibility

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to social value reporting.

That’s why we built the most flexible tool on the market, compatible with all measurement frameworks.

Access without limits

Employees, clients, suppliers — anyone can use the Impact platform at any time.

No hidden costs, just unlimited access for unlimited users.

With everyone contributing, easily uncover patterns in your social value activities to get to answers, fast.

Gain the assurance you need

With easy data collection and automation, you can focus on what matters, dive deeper into your data, pull out valuable insights, and navigate compliance standards and impact accounting.

Why choose Impact Reporting?

In a world of greenwashing, proving your social value isn’t just a checkbox. It’s our duty.

Impact Reporting provides a single source of truth to view all your social value activities in one place. The benefit? Eliminate duplication, stop chasing information, and avoid disjointed or missing details.

Focus on crafting compelling and impactful stories that truly connect with your stakeholders, showcasing the real change you’re making.

Why Impact?

See social impact differently

It’s the only way to do business.

Explore how our software captures social impact differently.


Quantify the unquantifiable

Calculate your full social value contributions, not just the easy-to-measure ones.

  • Automated calculations

    Quantify your initiatives in real time with precise calculations using your preferred measurement.

  • Surveys

    Create surveys in minutes and collect real-time data at any scale. Build stakeholder trust with standardised data collection.

  • Open API

    Never make a blind decision again. Capture, manage, and export social value data effortlessly with our open API.

  • Custom insights

    Access information instantly. Compare and analyse social value activities with custom classifications and filters.

  • Data visualisation

    Visualise your social value data with engaging charts and graphs, track change over time, and explore detailed insights.

How it works

Unite your social value strategy, data and goals

Step 1: Capture

Efficiently capture beneficiary data, inputs, outputs, and outcomes with open API and integrations to track your community, partner and environmental impact.

Step 2: Analyse

Map the connection between your social value activities and their impact to see what real ‘good’ looks like for your organisation.

Step 3: Survey

Dive deep into your data to understand how your actions create true change for beneficiaries, beyond just numbers.

Step 4: Report

Report your impact your way. Choose compliance requirements, metrics, and frameworks that matter most to you.

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Ready to get started?

Let’s start doing more good, together.

What to expect

  1. Schedule your 30 minute call using the form.
  2. During the call, you can share your impact goals and current challenges.
  3. Our consultant will provide an overview of Impact so you can better understand if it's the right fit for your business.
  4. Q&A