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Ideal for any business that does some bidding or tendering on goods, services and works in public procurement.

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  • Unlimited users
  • Bids & Tenders module
  • Social value reporting
  • ESG / sustainability reporting
  • Up to 50 project dashboards
  • Alignment to any reporting framework
  • Surveys
  • Alignment to MeasureUp
  • Standard, platform set-up and onboarding


Best for any business that does a high volume of bids or tenders on goods, services and works in public procurement.

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  • Unlimited users
  • Bids & Tenders module
  • Social value reporting
  • ESG / sustainability reporting
  • Unlimited project dashboards
  • Alignment to any reporting framework
  • Surveys
  • Alignment to MeasureUp
  • Standard, platform set-up and onboarding


Enterprise solution custom designed to suit your needs.

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  • Unlimited users
  • Bids & Tenders module
  • Social value reporting
  • ESG / sustainability reporting
  • Unlimited project dashboards
  • Alignment to any reporting framework
  • Surveys
  • Alignment to MeasureUp
  • VIP, platform set-up and onboarding
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Key software features

Data Capture
Clean, group, and map your data and activities to relevant KPI’s
Create and input bespoke, customised metrics and values for specific activities
Intelligent dashboards, RAG coded displays, real-time activity mapping and outcome measurement.
Project Dashboard
Smart dashboards give real-time performance insights into social and environmental performance targets.
Up to 50 dashboards Unlimited Unlimited
Capture beneficiary or supply chain feedback
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bids module
Perfect for anyone bidding for public work
Up to 5 live/archived bids Unlimited Unlimited
Tenders module
Perfect for government procurement teams
Up to 5 live/archived tenders Unlimited Unlimited
AI report creator
Coming soon!

Framework, measurement and tools

MeasureUp Framework
Our free valuation tool, learn more:
Framework alignment
Fully compatible with whatever framework you want to use to measure your progress.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Setup and onboarding

Support for all questions related to your implementation
Email & phone Priority email & phone Priority email & phone
Number of users
You can invite both internal and external stakeholders (at no additional cost) into the project dashboards to showcase how you and your supply chain are hitting committed performance targets
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated customer success manager
Will not only provide guidance but will help you get the most out of your system.
Technical implementation manager
Impact will work with you to ensure everything about your installation is done correctly.
Account review Every 6 months Every 3 months POA
Ad-hoc training  8 credits/year – in person or online 16 credits/year – in person or online POA
Advanced migration assistance POA POA POA
Support desk and admin tickets raised 24 hours max response time 24 hours max response time 24 hours max response time
Access to private Impact Circle working group
A networking community for our clients
Social Value Quality Mark® audit
Verify your commitment to creating, measuring and reporting social value


Social value consultancy and onboarding
Provided in-house by our experienced consulting team
4 credits/year – in person or online 8 credits/year – in person or online POA
Provided in-house by our experienced consulting team
Draft impact report (initial workshop)
Provided in partnership with We are Pollen


Bid conversion to won project
When won, Impact automatically converts the outcomes from your response into projects with measurable performance indicators, linked to your predefined themes.
Bids or tender pool
Update tender status: Not Opened, Won, In Progress, Lost or Canceled
Notifications and reminders
That can be sent to supply chain
Export bid responses
in PDF
Cloud-based storage
Cloud-based hosting in London (Europe) on AWS EU-West-2
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upload logo and your branding.
Open API
Import and export data from anywhere
User and account profiles for guests
Multi-factor authentication
Security, privacy and compliance
HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure, OWASP, ICO Certified, WCG 2.1 Certified Level A & AA.
Cyber Essentials Plus certified
Follows ISO 27001 best practices
Single sign on
Role-based permissions
Bulk uploads
99.95% uptime SLA
Self-service knowledge base 
Providing 24/7 on-demand support
User training programme POA POA POA
White labeling POA POA POA
Contingency support (training and consultancy) POA POA POA

Trusted by changemakers like you

Charity or 3rd sector organisation?

Working with pro-social organisations has been in our collective history since our inception. Eligible organisations can save up to 40% on the cost of their impact licence fee.

Setup & Onboarding

All our packages include end-to-end onboarding for any organisation – whether you’re fresh on the data scene or already have a list of complex sustainability reporting demands.

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  • Expert support

    Our analysts will help you every step of the way to improve your social impact data use and efficiency.

  • Tailored frameworks

    We’ll work with you to implement the monitoring and evaluation frameworks for your activities, goals, initiatives and projects.

  • Easy set up

    We handle importing your existing spreadsheets and data sources, so you can focus on your work.

  • Strategy revamp

    Together, we’ll identify ways in which Impact can drive better processes now and in the future.

Impact have been instrumental in supporting us to bring our vision and corporate approach outlined within our Social Value Procurement Policy and Strategy into reality, enabling us as a Council to measure social value through our commissioning and procurement activities.

Olivia Hughes
Social Development Officer

Impact has been a real game changer for us as users and our business a whole, being able to track social value progress as a group, by project or region. We can capture social, environmental and procurement data easily and convert this into monetary value as well as track against business and project goals.

Louise Logan
Strategic Social Value Manager

Hill uses Impact to provide a methodical and reliable way of capturing and evaluating a range of ESG indicators at scale, across multiple projects, locations and business units. Despite being in the early stages of using the Impact platform, our account manager has been an ongoing support, attending our internal rollout meetings to add input, pick up issues and action those, and is always quick to respond & communicative.

Sian Rebourg
Group Social Manager

Frequently asked questions

What frameworks can I use with Impact?

Impact can be easily configured to utilise any sustainability and social value frameworks in a matter of minutes. However, some proprietary, sector-specific frameworks may require you to obtain a licence first to use their measures and conversions.

Are there any hidden fees?

In short, no, there are no hidden charges, overage or setup fees on any of our packages. We do, however, offer additional consultancy services if you need any advice or assistance that goes beyond any services provided within your package.

Are there any data storage restrictions?

Nope! We want to delight our customers and make it easy for you to scale your business, so we don’t charge additional for storage. In fact, we encourage you to store as much data in Impact so you always see the system as your single source of truth.

How do you keep my data safe?

We take data security extremely seriously. Impact is fully cloud-based and is hosted on a private AWS EU-West-2 network based in London, UK, ringfenced from the public internet with strict access controls.

The software itself has been built from the ground up with OWASP recommendations in mind and is regularly assessed for compliance by Sec-1. In addition:

  • ISO 27001 Compliant & HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification (OWASP)
  • ICO Certified – DPA Officer
  • WCG 2.1 Certified Level A & AA.
  • Qualys A HTTPS enforcement terminating on load balances in private containers with Impact’s Core not accessible via public internet
Do I have to sign a contract?

The majority of our customers commit to bi/annual billing since we’ve found this gives you enough time to see a noticeable difference within all areas of your organisation.

What locations can Impact Reporting support?

Impact Reporting’s tender module can be used globally and is easily aligned to support local authorities and councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is Social Value, and why is it important for our business?

Social Value accounts for the net societal effect of your business activities. It plays a critical role in the built environment sector by promoting sustainable development, boosting employee morale, enhancing brand reputation, and fulfilling regulatory requirements. At Impact Reporting, we believe in harnessing the power of business to drive social and environmental good.

What if I’m new to social value in procurement bids?

We’re here to support you at every stage, be it understanding social value, figuring out where to start, or perfecting your existing practices. Our platform simplifies the journey, plus we offer tailored support, consulting, and guidance to help amplify your impact.

What is social value, and why does it matter in public procurement tenders?

Social value as defined through the Public Services (Social Value) Act (2013) refers to the wider benefits to society that can be achieved when purchasing goods, services, or works. When applied to procurement, it’s about achieving maximum value for every pound spent, not just economically but also socially and environmentally. 

According to the UK Government’s Guide to Using the Social Value Model, “the huge power of public money spent through public procurement every year in the UK must support government priorities, to boost growth and productivity, help our communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and tackle climate change. There should be a clear ‘golden thread’ from these priorities to the development of strategies and business cases for programmes and projects, through to procurement specifications and the assessment of quality when awarding contracts.”

What are some examples of social value in a procurement bid?

Examples of social value can range from creating jobs for local communities, reducing carbon footprint, promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting local businesses, and addressing societal issues such as homelessness. 

What is a social value weighting in a bid in public procurement?

The social value weighting within bids and tenders is an integral part of your procurement application where you detail how your organisation’s activities will contribute positively to social, economic, and environmental welfare. It’s not just about being financially attractive anymore; it’s about showcasing your commitment to broader societal benefits.

What does PPN 06/20 mandate regarding social value weightings in bids for central government departments?

PPN 06/20 mandates that central government departments must evaluate social value with a minimum overall weighting of 10% when assessing bids. While this percentage sets a standard, you must understand that simply increasing the weighting doesn’t automatically enhance the social value you deliver. Therefore, it’s vital to find a balanced approach in setting these weightings to ensure meaningful social value outcomes.

Why are surveys included in the package?

To be quite simple, it’s best impact practice. Using surveys in your social value reports lets you see the human stories behind your initiatives, not just the metrics.

What kind of social value outcomes can be requested from suppliers or contractors?

Social value outcomes vary by tender but may include employing local labour, engaging with social enterprises, improving worker conditions, reducing environmental impact, supporting community projects, and providing apprenticeships and work placements, amongst others.

What is the difference between sustainability reporting and ESG reporting?
  • Sustainability reporting: Focuses on a company’s overall sustainability performance, including environmental, social, and economic aspects. It typically covers a broader range of topics beyond ESG criteria.
  • ESG reporting: Specifically focuses on Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria used to evaluate a company’s sustainability and ethical practices. It may be a subset of sustainability reporting, emphasising these specific areas.
How can I integrate social value into a procurement tender?

You start by understanding what’s important to your organisation, your stakeholders, and the communities you serve. This will guide the areas of social value you might seek. Then, embed this into your procurement documents – specify the desired social value outcomes in the contractual requirements.

What type of companies should consider social value in their procurement practices?

Companies across all industries, especially in the built environment, FTSE businesses, and investment organisations, can and should incorporate social value outcomes into their procurement practices. This applies whether they are required by law or driven by purpose and commitment to create a social and environmental positive impact.

How can I include social value in my procurement bid?

The best way to showcase social value is to integrate it into your business model rather than treat it as an add-on. You can use Impact Reporting to gather, manage, and present your social value data compellingly and transparently, aligning it with your business activities.

How can Impact Reporting help in my social value bid?

Our cloud-based social value and sustainability measurement platform will streamline your data collection and consolidation, helping you demonstrate your social value effectively. We transform complex data into easily understandable metrics and guide you toward impactful initiatives that can be a game-changer in your procurement bids.

Are there set guidelines on incorporating social value into procurement processes?

The specific processes may vary depending on your geographical location and local legislation. However, a universally valid principle is aligning your procurement with overarching social, environmental, and economic goals, following responsible business practices and engaging with vendors who share similar values.

Is sustainability reporting mandatory?

Sustainability reporting requirements vary by jurisdiction and industry. While some countries or stock exchanges may mandate sustainability reporting for listed companies, it is still optional. However, there is a growing trend towards voluntary disclosure and transparency in sustainability practices, especially within the UK and the EU.

Why is it important to specify how we will deliver their social value commitments throughout our contract?

It’s essential you clearly outline how you plan to deliver your social value commitments year by year within the contract term. This approach allows the tendering organisation to monitor and ensure that these commitments are being met consistently throughout the contract duration. Requesting evidence of delivery helps maintain accountability and ensures that the promised social value is realised, benefiting the community as intended.