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Make winning bids effortless and become the go-to choice for public sector contractors.

Impact is your partner in scoring success

Cost and quality are no longer the winning factor in tenders. To truly stand out and win more bids, you need to show how much good you’re doing for people and the planet.

With Impact, you can…

Write more bids in less time

Streamline your bid-writing process with our intuitive platform. Produce high-quality answers to social value questions in less time, so you can focus on winning more tenders.

Showcase your unique value

Make your commitments mean something. With customisable dashboards, you can better track your won bids, for even better accountability and transparency.

Quantify the unquantifiable

Calculate your full social value contributions, not just the easy-to-measure ones. Build a stronger case for the good you create so you can prove your worth and win more bids.

See social impact differently

It’s the only way to do business.

Explore how our software captures social impact differently.

Make your social value count in ways you never imagined

Impact helps you…

Connect all the dots

Bring your impact story to life with all your social value data in one place. Easily access all the information you need to answer social value bid questions, plus attach photos, surveys and evidence to bring your impact story to life.

Create sustainability reports

Track your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with ease. Showcase your environmental commitments throughout your contract’s life cycle, helping to boost trust and credibility.

Make your platform your own

Winning that bid from the local or central government, council, housing authority, or the NHS has never been easier. Whatever your chosen framework, no criteria is out of reach with Impact.

Maintain compliance standards

Want peace of mind that you’re meeting EU and international standards? Our platform makes sure you’re always in line with regulations like Section 106 and PPN 06/20, so you never have to question your compliance again.

Capture data. Report impact. Win bids.

4 steps to making an impact…


Step 1: Capture

Efficiently capture your beneficiary data, inputs, outputs and outcomes with open API and integrations to see your impact on the community, partners and the environment.

Step 2: Analyse

Map the connection between your social value activities and their impact on the world, to see what real good looks like for your organisation.

Step 3: Survey

Dive deep into your data to see how your actions create true change for beneficiaries, beyond just numbers and values. 

Step 4: Report

Report your impact, your way. Choose which compliance requirements, metrics and frameworks resonate with you, so you can measure what matters most.

We partner with winning organisations like yours


Discover how GRAHAM, a construction company specialising in Building, Civil Engineering, Interior Fit-Out, Facilities Management and Investments transformed its social impact reporting by partnering with Impact. With a centralised and flexible platform, GRAHAM now efficiently tracks and reports its social value activities, aligning with their commitment to sustainability, diversity, and community impact.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a social value weighting in a bid in public procurement?

The social value weighting within bids and tenders is an integral part of your procurement application where you detail how your organisation’s activities will contribute positively to social, economic, and environmental welfare. It’s not just about being financially attractive anymore; it’s about showcasing your commitment to broader societal benefits.

Why does social value matter in public procurement?

Government policies such as the Social Value Act and PPN 06/20 have heightened the importance of demonstrating social value in public procurement. Authorities are now required to consider how these services can improve the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the area, making it crucial for businesses to incorporate social value in their bids.

What if I’m new to social value in procurement bids?

We’re here to support you at every stage, be it understanding social value, figuring out where to start, or perfecting your existing practices. Our platform simplifies the journey, plus we offer tailored support, consulting, and guidance to help amplify your impact.

How can I include social value in my procurement bid?

The best way to showcase social value is to integrate it into your business model rather than treat it as an add-on. You can use Impact Reporting to gather, manage, and present your social value data compellingly and transparently, aligning it with your business activities.

What are some examples of social value in a procurement bid?

Examples of social value can range from creating jobs for local communities, reducing carbon footprint, promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting local businesses, and addressing societal issues such as homelessness. 

How can Impact Reporting help in my social value bid?

Our cloud-based social value and sustainability measurement platform will streamline your data collection and consolidation, helping you demonstrate your social value effectively. We transform complex data into easily understandable metrics and guide you toward impactful initiatives that can be a game-changer in your procurement bids.

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