Social value reporting done right

MeasureUp aligns with the UK Treasury’s new definition of social value as the “wellbeing of the population” value. Helping you evidence the difference you're making in the world - properly.

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Struggling with standards of evidence, overwhelmed by confusing frameworks, and unreliable metrics?

 You’re not alone.

MeasureUp is free, credible, open-sourced, transparent, and in line with the new 2020 UK Government Green Book definition of social value and the recommended approach to measurement and evaluation.

About MeasureUp

Always accessible. Transparent and reliable. Forever free.

Aligned to HM Treasury

It provides clear guidance for valuing activities, tailored to your various needs, whether for quick estimates or in-depth measurements. 

Accurate valuations

MeasureUp redefines social value, ensuring honesty about evidence standards and the stories behind the numbers.

An authentic approach

We’re here to help you produce credible, evidence-backed social value, and streamline the process of making and measuring a difference—one metric at a time.