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Today’s social value commitments create tomorrow’s impact

For procurement and contract managers, balancing deals, regulations, and public spending is challenging.

With Impact, you can…

Be framework flexible

From international standards to governmental regulations like the Public Services Social Value Act 2012 or PPN 06/20, customise your tenders to align with any framework.

Manage social value-specific tenders

Capturing social value across all of your projects couldn’t be simpler. Our platform is built for busy procurement teams to see the full picture of your procurement value.

Focus on best fit and values

Be certain you’re choosing the right bidders. Make data-driven decisions so you can see who will live up to their word and provide true value.

Monitor contracts in real-time

Stay informed with real-time visual data. Monitor the progress and fulfilment of contractor commitments to ensure supplier compliance and deliver true impact.

See social impact differently

It’s the only way to do business.

Explore how our software captures social impact differently.

Choose a public sector procurement platform built for…

  • Councils

  • Central and local government

  • Local authorities

  • NHS

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Social housing

  • Housing associations

  • Procurement consortiums

When standard tender processes just don’t work, choose Impact

4 steps to making an impact…

Step 1: Capture

Efficiently capture your beneficiary data, inputs, outputs and outcomes with open API and integrations to see your impact on the community, partners and the environment.

Step 2: Analyse

Map the connection between your social value activities and their impact on the world, to see what real good looks like for your organisation.

Step 3: Survey

Dive deep into your data to see how your actions create true change for beneficiaries, beyond just numbers and values. 

Step 4: Report

Report your impact, your way. Choose which compliance requirements, metrics and frameworks resonate with you, so you can measure what matters most.

Take grant management one step further

With Impact, you can quantify the unquantifiable. Break through conventional metric boundaries and focus on capturing the true essence of your forward-thinking initiatives and the incredible social good you deliver.

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Flintshire County Council

Flintshire County Council partnered with Impact to revolutionise its social value measurement and reporting. By transitioning from cumbersome spreadsheets to a streamlined digital platform, the Council has achieved greater efficiency, transparency, and enhanced social value outcomes in procurement and project management.

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Frequently asked questions

What is social value, and why does it matter in public procurement tenders?

Social value as defined through the Public Services (Social Value) Act (2013) refers to the wider benefits to society that can be achieved when purchasing goods, services, or works. When applied to procurement, it’s about achieving maximum value for every pound spent, not just economically but also socially and environmentally. 

According to the UK Government’s Guide to Using the Social Value Model, “the huge power of public money spent through public procurement every year in the UK must support government priorities, to boost growth and productivity, help our communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and tackle climate change. There should be a clear ‘golden thread’ from these priorities to the development of strategies and business cases for programmes and projects, through to procurement specifications and the assessment of quality when awarding contracts.”

How can I integrate social value into a procurement tender?

You start by understanding what’s important to your organisation, your stakeholders, and the communities you serve. This will guide the areas of social value you might seek. Then, embed this into your procurement documents – specify the desired social value outcomes in the contractual requirements.

Are there set guidelines on incorporating social value into procurement processes?

The specific processes may vary depending on your geographical location and local legislation. However, a universally valid principle is aligning your procurement with overarching social, environmental, and economic goals, following responsible business practices and engaging with vendors who share similar values.

Are there tools or frameworks that can help measure social value in procurement tenders?

Yes, several tools and frameworks, like Impact Reporting, can help organisations measure and monitor social value outcomes. These platforms simplify the process by providing a clear and structured approach to capturing, managing, and reporting on your organisation’s social value.

Can social value considerations influence the awarding of a contract?

Yes, in certain situations, buyers can and do award contracts based on the additional social value suppliers provide. This depends on the law, procurement policies, and individual tender requirements.

What locations can Impact Reporting support?

Impact Reporting’s tender module can be used globally and is easily aligned to support local authorities and councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What kind of social value outcomes can be requested from suppliers or contractors?

Social value outcomes vary by tender but may include employing local labour, engaging with social enterprises, improving worker conditions, reducing environmental impact, supporting community projects, and providing apprenticeships and work placements, amongst others.

What type of companies should consider social value in their procurement practices?

Companies across all industries, especially in the built environment, FTSE businesses, and investment organisations, can and should incorporate social value outcomes into their procurement practices. This applies whether they are required by law or driven by purpose and commitment to create a social and environmental positive impact.

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