Ed Cox, Co-founder

With over 15 years of experience in creating socially impactful businesses, Ed established Impact Reporting to help organisations enhance their societal contributions. His work extends to providing tech solutions for universities, local authorities, and The National Trust. As Co-founder and Director of Impact Reporting, Ed guides the strategic direction and long-term vision, ensuring the team is united and moving forward. An experienced charity trustee, Ed has supported various charities, including grassroots groups in Greater Manchester and the LGBTQI+ community. He currently serves on the advisory board for Social Value UK.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room."

  • Can you share a bit about your career?

    I have more than 15 years’ experience of setting up businesses intended to have a positive social impact, from digital agencies that help charities use digital to achieve their objectives, apps that help improve the mobility and bone strength of older people to reduce trips and falls, and Impact, which aims to help organisations of all kinds have a more positive impact on the world and its people.

    My work has always extended beyond the private sector, offering technological solutions to universities, local authorities, and The National Trust.

  • What are you responsible for at Impact Reporting?

    As a Co-founder and Director at Impact Reporting, my role involves steering the strategic direction and setting the long-term vision for the company. I work to ensure that our team is unified in our mission and moving forward together. My daily responsibilities are centred around business management and administration, supporting every function of the company to help our team excel.

  • What inspired you to enter this field?

    My inspiration to enter social value reporting stems from the transformative power of digital technology, which provides unprecedented opportunities. However, I also recognise its potential to disadvantage and harm. My goal has always been to harness technology ethically, creating positive, lasting impacts on our world and its people. 

  • What gets you up in the morning?

    Practically, my alarm clock app. Philosophically, the desire to improve individuals, organisations, and systems for the better.

  • Most memorable career achievement?

    I’m proud to have supported celebrities who want to make a change to their communities, including Esther Rantzen’s support helplines for children and older people and Eric Clapton’s fundraising work to help people overcome addiction. 

  • Top 3 loves?

    1. An inspiring book
    2. A gripping TV drama
    3. Deep conversation
  • My favourite city in the world to visit would be...

    Berlin. I love its variety of districts, each with distinctive character—some are creative and artsy, while others are more industrial and corporate. I appreciate its co-working spaces, like Betahaus and Impact Hub, which cater to entrepreneurs and social innovators alike. Berlin is a city that looks optimistically toward the future yet acknowledges its complex and controversial past.

  • Outside of work you can find me...

    Being a classic introvert, relaxing at home, reading a business book or trawling YouTube for inspiration.