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We help solve our clients' most complex impact reporting challenges

Your journey toward impactful change is unique, and it deserves a flexible support system.

Here’s how we can support your mission:

  • Level 1: Impact Measurement 'Starter'

    Step beyond traditional impact measurement with a workshop that creates the building blocks for educating and guiding your organisation through impact measurement. Discover new ways to quantify the impact of your projects, investments, and services.

    Get help with social value planning
  • Level 2: Impact Measurement ‘Core’

    Stepping into social impact can feel daunting, especially if it's new terrain for you or your organisation. Whether you're defining your strategy or seeking to align your efforts with broader business goals, we're your partner in crafting an impact practice plan that's actionable and desirable for your stakeholders.

    Get social impact support
  • Level 3: Impact Measurement ‘Value’

    Demystify the process of turning activities into measurable outcomes. Our hands-on support simplifies the adoption of evidence-based practices and integrates your goals with our Impact Reporting platform, making impactful action second nature to your team.

    Get help implementing social value
  • Level 4: Impact Measurement ‘Professional’

    Completely bespoke enterprise level support of your impact measurement, tailored to what your business needs to succeed.

    Create a custom plan
  • Social value bid writing

    Push your competitive edge up a notch. Our experienced bid writing team specialises in crafting submissions that stand out, and we ensure your social and environmental commitments shine, helping you secure contracts with central and local government suppliers. [Start winning more bids]

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  • Bespoke software development

    Experience customisation at its finest with our in-house development team ready to tailor our software to your unique reporting needs and challenges. Your path to impactful change is uniquely yours — our technology should reflect that. [Learn more]

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Uncomplicate the complicated

Impact can sometimes feel like navigating through an alphabet soup of acronyms, frameworks, and processes. Let our expert consultancy practice, led by Catherine Manning turn that confusion into clarity.

About Catherine Manning

As our head of Impact practice, Catherine leads with a visionary approach to social value and impact management.

Her passion for creating a positive impact is backed by a robust academic and professional background that leans on a rich foundation of experience, including leading the engagement and technical teams at Social Value UK.

She holds an International Development master’s degree and has been distinguished as a WISE100 Star of the Future finalist in 2022, underscoring her leadership and innovative thinking in social value. Catherine’s Social Value Associate Practitioner certification showcases her commitment to excellence in impact consultancy.

With her expertise spanning social value, procurement, project management, events, research, and problem-solving, she is dedicated to guiding businesses towards making a meaningful difference in the world.

Are you interested in having Catherine Manning share her insights and strategies at your next virtual or live event?

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Navigate your impact journey with support

Every organisation’s journey towards social and environmental impact is unique. Variations in size, impact goals, purpose, stakeholders, reporting requirements, and budget mean a one-size-fits-all solution won’t do.

That’s where our bespoke consultancy shines.

Our team of experts is here to guide you through our four distinct levels of impact support, ensuring the path we take together aligns with your needs.

Level 1

Impact Measurement ‘Starter’

Level 1 starter

Level 1 ‘Starter’: Who is it for?

This half-day ‘Starter’ workshop is designed to provide hands-on support to businesses in the early stages of their impact journey. It is an ideal blend of practical guidance and practical growth, offering a solid direction on initial data gathering to kickstart the process of measuring, understanding, evidencing, and improving your impact.

The workshop is essential for uncovering blind spots and leveraging easy wins, thereby accelerating your impact measurement and decision-making processes.

Level 1: What’s included?

Our workshop is designed to be practical and engaging. During the workshop, you will work alongside our consultants to identify areas where you can collect easy-win data and map to your desired framework(s). Together, you will also define key measurement objectives, goals, stakeholders, and outcomes that your team aims to assess and value. You’ll also identify target frameworks that align with your company’s purpose. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear roadmap for your next steps and a better understanding of the frameworks that best suit your needs.

  • Comprehensive summary report offering clear recommendations to improve, redesign or refine your impact measurement approach.
  • Insights on how to align with the most relevant regional, national, and international contexts and frameworks for your business.
  • Identify desired outcomes to empower your organisation to track, amplify, and confidently report its social impact.
  • Tailored guidance on social value approaches, sources, and recommendations, custom-fit to your sector, location, and stakeholder needs.
Level 1: Price

This package starts at £1,800 (exclusive of VAT)

Level 2

Impact Measurement ‘Core’

Level 2 ‘Core’: Who is it for?

Our ‘Core’ workshop is tailored for organisations that have laid some groundwork in strategic planning and impact practices but are now encountering challenges or seeking deeper support for their next steps in social value measurement.

It’s particularly valuable for roles focused on social value, impact, and sustainability, as well as departments like Marketing, HR, Finance, and other operational teams taking on the challenge of integrating impact measurement into their activities.

If you’re looking for an analysis of your current practices, a deep dive into measurement strategies, and to walk away with a practical action plan for implementation, this workshop is for you.

Level 2: What’s included?

Our ‘Core’ package will take you through a three-stage journey of social value measurement designed to fine-tune your strategy and practices.

workshop series typically takes three days split across several weeks to more easily slot into your stakeholders’ schedules. It

  • Social value gap analysis: We begin with a thorough assessment of your existing impact efforts to identify areas ripe for improvement. We’ll uncover gaps, propose actionable improvements, and map a clear path forward using our Impact Reporting software.
  • Impact framework workshop: Building on the gap analysis, you’ll dive into a hands-on half-day ‘Impact Measurement Framework Workshop,’ providing a collaborative space to build a bespoke measurement map for your business. You’ll delve into the specifics of data collection—exploring the who, what, when, and how—to ensure a comprehensive strategy that’s aligned with your objectives and your best-suited impact measurement framework (s).
  • Research, support, and next steps: Based on the insights gained from the initial sessions, our consultants will provide you with targeted recommendations to advance your practice. This will include a focus on vital areas for improvement, such as refining your valuation approach or sharpening your strategic direction, and ensuring alignment with the most relevant regional, national, and international frameworks.
Level 2: Outputs

Together, we will co-create a comprehensive action plan for your impact management practice for the upcoming year. This approach ensures that you are equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to properly measure, value, and report your impact, laying a solid foundation for meaningful progress in the years to come.

  • Comprehensive analysis report of your current practices with forward-looking recommendations.
  • Detailed action plan for enhancing your impact management practice.
  • An Impact Measurement Framework that can be used within Impact’s software platform, ensuring a seamless transition to enhanced impact measurement and reporting.
Level 2: Price

This package starts at £4,800 (exclusive of VAT)

Level 3

Impact Measurement ‘Value’

Level 3 ‘Value’: Who is it for?

If you’ve developed an impact measurement strategy and identified your key impact areas but would still benefit from support to refine your valuation approach, our focused ‘Value’ workshop is the perfect fit for you. It’s the ideal space for organisations ready to refine their understanding of impact pathways and improve how they value and track their progress.

Together, we’ll co-develop your impact measurement and valuation approach. We’ll work to hone your measurement and valuation methods, ensuring they align with the goals and commitments driving them.

Level 3: What’s included?

Our ‘Value’ package will guide your business through three stages designed to fine-tune your organisation’s approach to valuations and social value effectively. This includes:

  • Social value gap analysis: First, we start with an in-depth review of your current social value practice and valuation documentation to diagnose opportunities for refinement and alignment with best practices.
  • Valuation workshop: Then, we have a half-day collaborative workshop focusing on developing clear impact pathways for your organisation’s critical activities, creating a valuation methodology that resonates with your organisation.
  • Valuation research and support: Lastly, we concentrate on critical areas identified during the gap analysis and workshop, conducting targeted research to formulate a valuation approach tailored to your needs. This bespoke strategy is integrated into your impact measurement framework, enabling precise and meaningful valuation with our reporting tool.
  • Output: A set of up to ten custom valuations, pinpointing the most impactful aspects of your work, ensuring focused efforts on areas that matter most.
Level 3: Price

This package costs £4,800+ (exclusive of VAT)

Level 4

Impact Measurement ‘Professional’

Level 4 ‘Professional’: Who is it for?

Our ‘Professional’ service is a comprehensive consultancy support designed to act as an extension to your impact team. It is particularly useful if you are looking to develop a robust and systematic approach to social value reporting and desire a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end system.

Level 4: What’s included?

Bespoke consultancy

Our ‘Professional’ level service is fluid to suit your needs. We serve as an extension of your staff and help you deliver above and beyond. For instance, if you need more bespoke support around valuations or metrics, we can help research and develop that alongside your stakeholders.

Tailored package

Whether you need tailored valuation framework development, stakeholder engagement, surveys, educational webinars, training seminars, or anything else, we’re here to support you.

The best setup is to use the core aspects of the other support packages and build on top of them.

Customised to your needs

We recommend starting with a social value gap analysis, evaluating your existing procedures and pinpointing areas for improvement. Then, we’ll co-develop an impact measurement framework via interactive workshops and reinforce it with a more tailored ”Research, Support and Next Steps” that covers a comprehensive, end-to-end social value measurement plan.

Additional support

Once this is in place, you can choose the direction you’d like to take. Our additional support can include anything from tailored webinars to joining board-level meetings, engaging with stakeholders, delivering training seminars and surveys, or anything else you need to strengthen your overall impact and instill best practices within your organisation.

Level 4: Price

This package is bespoke, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Our additional services

Social value bid writing

The contribution your organisation makes to society is especially important when it comes to public sector contracts. Social value carries a minimum of 10% weighting in the central government’s selection score and sometimes up to 20% for other purchasing bodies. It’s not a ‘nice-to-have’—it’s a game changer in securing competitive bids.

Our experienced bid writers, well-versed in the nuances of social value, are equipped to turn the alphabet soup of your efforts into compelling narratives that set you apart.

Our team works closely with yours to ensure that your social value commitments align with the specific tender requirements of the purchasing authority and stakeholders. From creating employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups to environmental protection initiatives, our bid writers weave these themes into proposals that articulate the good that you achieve.

Whether you’re a new player in procurement or an established corporation looking for an edge in tender submissions, our dedicated Social Value Bid Writing service can help you effectively highlight your social value commitments.

Bespoke software development

Our software already gives you the flexibility to tailor your dashboards with specific metrics, proxy values, and reporting requirements right at your fingertips. For bespoke needs that go above and beyond, our in-house team of adept developers stands ready to customise your platform further, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

We never lock you into one set way of working. Our software provides a tailormade experience of streamlined impact reporting that’s responsive to your organisation’s needs, empowering you to create meaningful change; your way.

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