A Handy List of Stats That Demonstrate The Importance of CSR

Posted on the 3rd December 2018

Scrolling through the web, seeking out the perfect stat that would be the ‘cherry on the cake’ for your social value strategy, can be a time-consuming chore that many of us do not have the time to do.

Yet it is certainly worthwhile as it supports and validates the content of your social value strategy, so we’ve done the leg work for you.

We have collated an assortment of stats that you can use when compiling and pitching your social value strategies:

CSR as good for business

CSR is simply good for business. Let me prove it to you.

Employee Retention Benefits

Having social value is not only important for your customers, but it is also equally important for your employees.

The Importance of Diversity

Diversity = business growth. It is an extremely important issue that you should consider in your social value strategy. You can read more about it here. But in the meantime, these are the challenges facing women…

And this is why your business should actively challenge this inequality…

Should you have women as members on boards, your business can experience:

Many businesses are aware of these benefits hence why:

Beyond Gender Diversity

Diversity in work is not exclusive to women, and it should branch out to consider BAME members of the community, the LGBT community and disabled members of society.

Think about these LGBT+ stats in relation to work, provided by Stonewall UK, and think about how you can challenge these issues.

Last but not Least, Environmental Sustainability

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